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No bomb attacks in Rojava! No-fly zone for Rojava

Rojava is a region in northern Syria in which many different demographic groups, predominantly Kurds, live peacefully with one another. But since the war in Syria broke out, attempts to build a democracy in Rojava have been repeatedly attacked and thwarted by IS and other Islamist militias. As a result of this terror, countless people have already lost their lives – hundreds of thousands have been driven from their homes and forced to flee.

In military terms, IS is as good as defeated in the region. The civilian population however continues to be attacked by Islamist militias. With the support of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the canton of Afrin in west Rojava was attacked, in breach of international law, and brutally seized in early 2018. The nascent democracy there was destroyed. The Kurdish freedom movement is building a democratic, multicultural, socially fair and ecological society in Rojava. Women and men have equal rights and the various cultural groups live peacefully together. We must protect the creation of this free and democratic society and show solidarity!

But what does all this have to do with us in Germany? In this war, as in almost every conflict worldwide, German weapons are used! Erdoğan and his allies deploy these in order to thwart the building of a democracy – he will use any means to do so!

We are calling on all democrats: Let’s stop this together! NO to war in Rojava! We demand of the German government: Stop sending weapons to Turkey! Impose a no-fly zone over Rojava!